Smash Hit


自从厌恶了毫无稳定性可言的越狱系统之后,除了刷回原生状态之外的第二件事就是每天在睡前打开App Store看看有无最新、好玩的App。SmashHit在App Store的评价达到了5颗星的。同样地,在GooglePlay上,它也达到了4.7分。截图为证:

而玩下来,Smash Hit确实就是这样一款可以让我沉迷的游戏。




It’s probably not what you would have expected from the game maker. You wont find quirky character designs are a cutesy side story. Smash Hit is unapologetically pure, casual gameplay, at its very finest. Players are taken through 50 different rooms filled with glass planes and given 1 objective: smash all the glass in sight.

Levels are on rails, meaning the only thing you have to worry about is the amount of balls in your inventory, and lining up the perfect shot. Glass and projectiles are brought to life using Mediocre’s trademark lifelike physics, and although graphics are simple, they feature realistic lighting techniques that’ll make your jaw drop.

Although Smash Hit is completely free to download, you may want to consider buying the premium version for $2. The full version allows you to save your progress at check-points and gain access to cloud game saves — nice bonuses, but something you might be able to do without if you’re feeling up to the challenge.


PS.我至今为止的最好成绩是Check Point5,而办公室的人民币战士已经玩到了Check Point7。

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